Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Chicken Experience

Hello Everyone,
I have a funny story to post that happened today.
Someone wants to buy our four game hens, so we had to catch them (a hen hatched them herself so they were loose). The only way to catch them was to put them in the pen with our bantam Sea Brights. The only problem with that is we had to catch the Sea Brights and put them in a cage until the others were caught. So we all got gloves on and went in the pen. I walked up to the group and reached down and caught one and all the others came flying at my head and one landed right on my head! It felt very weird having a chicken on my head (something I have never experienced before) and I was afraid it was going to leave something....
Anyway I dropped the chicken I was holding and got the other one off! =)
So that is my story!



Marissa said...

You were tagged!!!

Megan said...

I had to make a new blog, I'm trying to see if it will solve a problem...

I hope it works!
Here is the link:


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