Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicks, Dog, and Bo

Hello Everyone,
Another one of our chickens hatched some chicks! There are ten of them and they are so cute and small! We have some eggs in the incubator, they should hatch out at the end of this month.

Bo is still EXTREMELY cute! She got wet during a storm so we brought her on the porch. While Syd was preparing a spot I held her and she laid her head on me!

Yes, this is my dog.....*sigh*
She knows lots of tricks (play dead, roll over, shake, speak, whisper, chase your tail, get a toy, catch it...). Syd had just told her to play dead and she decided to roll over....if only she would play dead like that all the time! (For "play dead" she just lays on her side.)

That's all for now,

Monday, April 13, 2009

Stormy Weather and Sprained Wrist

Hello Everyone,
On Saturday I was bringing in an armful of clean, dry laundry (we don't have a dryer right now so we hang the clothes on a line) and my dog tripped me and I went arm first into the screen on our door. I now have a huge bruise on my arm and a sprained wrist! I broke the screen when I fell, but my dad fixed it.

It has been raining all morning and we are supposed to have isolated tornadoes and "dangerous" lightning (I thought all lightning was dangerous). Great! =(


P.S. Do ya'll like my new background?

Friday, April 10, 2009

50th Post

OK, I just had to post this...although it has nothing to do with my 50th post. Earlier today one of our goats got out and tried to get in by sticking his head in the fence...and got stuck (why are our goats doing this?). Well, another goat walked up and rammed him and ripped his lip open. We rescued him and put him back in the pen. Dopey (read last post) decided to get his head stuck again, so we pulled him out so he wouldn't get rammed too. Trust me, he won't be doing that again:

We taped a stick to his horns! (This is not is better for him!) He was scared at first and ran all over screaming, but he's fine now. We would de-horn him but we may sell him.

OK, now for answering questions:
1. How many of my followers have I met? 9
Rebecca M. (I think I just said hello to her, but that counts!)
Johanna M.
Marissa Madison
Megan Madison
Jordan Madison
Mallory Madison
Sarah S.
Madison (don't know the initial for her last name...)
Stephanie H.

2. What is my favorite song? idea

3. What is my favorite actor/actress? hmmm.....not sure

4. What is my favorite place to live? Nebraska

5. What is my favorite singer? Steven Curtis Chapman

6. How tall am I? I think 5'5" or 6"

7. What is my favorite author? I don't have one....

8. Why did I start a blog? Because it looked fun. =D

9. Would I rather read fiction or non-fiction? Probably fiction...but I read more non-fiction that I used to.

10. If I could play another instrument, what would it be? The flute

Here are some pictures I took this morning:

Thanks Madison and Marissa for you questions!
That's all for now!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goats Are Not Very Bright

This is a picture of "Dopey". We named him that because it seemed to fit - and we found out that it really does! As you can tell, his head is stuck in the fence. Just recently he has constantly been getting his head stuck and we have to go get it out. Yesterday he got his head stuck so many times and finally screamed himself hoarse. We accidentally left him there for a long time thinking we were hearing a guinea hen!
My next post will be my 50th! YAY!
If have any ideas or questions please tell me!


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures Of "Bo" and 50th Post Coming Soon

Hello Everyone,
Here are some pictures of Bo! She is a lot cuter now that she is clean.
She is very hyper and runs and jumps, I hope to get a video of her soon.

She is so calm when being held!

(I like this picture because my face is not showing!)

She doesn't hold still very often so it is very hard to get a
good picture of her...this is the best I can do. =/

So Cute!
Also, my 50th post is almost here (finally)! Please give me some ideas
of what to do for it. Also (copying Marissa) if ya'll have any questions
ask them and I'll answer on that post.


Monday, April 6, 2009

Albino Peacock and Kid Pictures!

Hello Everyone!
Here are some pictures of Susie's kid...I am putting pictures of the kid coming out so if you don't want to see it, don't scroll down. We named her "Bo" because she was born on my uncle's birthday and his family calls him "Bo". We are going to take more pictures of her now that she is clean and I will post them soon.

This is an Albino huh?


Sorry some are small turned out small....I know how to fix it but I don't have the time.

Sarah and I (for those who don't know us, I am on the left)

We are ready!

Waiting for the kid


The hoofs are coming out

Almost there

I had to pull her out the rest of the way

She's here!

So Cute!

I love holding her!


Saturday, April 4, 2009


Susie had her kid! And guess what?! Sarah (my cousin) and I delivered it! We think it is a female...we had SO much fun! I will post pictures on Monday,
Until then.....
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