Tuesday, April 20, 2010


My sister and I playing a fiddle medley we put together...enjoy!


Antonia said...

It's great! I love it! :)

www.timothydeanmills.com said...


Marissa said...

AWESOME! BUT WHERE IS THE CELLO???? Excuse me? I said song with cello is my fav. *sigh* no one ever listens to me. BUT it does sound good with both violins. BUT as a devoted fan I request and video with the cello. Seriously. I like a whole new song with its in there. Its sounds good either way though. I just like the cello. lol. This brought back good memories of me listening to you play at like 2 in the morning. lol.
So your assignment for the next month is to tape and post a video of the same song only with cello. OK?


sanjeet said...

I just like the cello.
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~Miss Zara~ said...

did u get my email

Bookworm said...

You guys are really good! I play fiddle too, but I wish I could learn Celtic Style!

Antonia said...

I awarded you! :)

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