Thursday, October 23, 2008


I still have nothing interesting to post so I'll post my dog doing some tricks. =)

Waiting for Syd to throw the stick...

This is Kimber...I got her while she was barking.

Roll Over

Chase Your Tail

Syd was pretending to throw the stick...


Marissa said...

lol she is sooo cute!
I liked the stick one :D

and hey she rolled over on command! amazing :)

Martinez Family said...

Love your dog! I have always liked German Shepherds, they look so sharp!

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Thank Johanna! =)

Marissa, I know I love that command too.

Marissa said...

ya I was so funny when I was at your house and she would only do it half way because she didn't like being on here back :D lol

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Yeah and she probably thought I meant play dead....I didn't post that because she gets confused. And I didn't post Speak or Whisper because I didn't know the camera recorded sound....

Megan's blog said...

thanks so funny

he he he


Marissa said...

ya it's funny when she plays dead tho :D

you should post whisper on here that one is a good one

Marissa said...

lol I showed meredith the vidoes and she thought they were funny she really liked them :D

Marissa said...

lol I showed meredith the vidoes and she thought they were funny she really liked them :D

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Well that's good.....

by the way thanks for telling me twice! =)

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