Monday, October 27, 2008

Pictures =)

Syd and I took some picture yesterday. Here are a few. =)

Dad took this one...

Syd and her dog Fletcher
(I love this picture of her!=))

Me with Fletch


Check Sydney's blog for more.


Marissa said...

lol I like the first one :D

you guys are so pretty :D

Marissa said...

oh by the way both of you have really cute hair in the first picture........and in all of them :D
I wish my hair looked cute like that but it doesn't.......

Stephanie Stanfield said...

lol Funny! Syd does it for me. =)

Marissa said...

well she does a good job :D

Martinez Family said...

I love the pictures. You two look so much alike it is uncanny! :)

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Ha! Everywhere we go people think we are twins and if they don't think that they don't know who it older.

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