Saturday, January 10, 2009

Video Coming Soon

Hey Ya'll,
We went over to Uncle Jess's house and had a TON of fun! =)
I took over my video camera so we got videos of us playing the Wii! (It is hilarious!) We also video-taped Emily and Sydney (the younger one) doing some "commercials". I am putting a video together of all the acts combined with music in the background, and will post it soon.
Sarah will be posting some pictures of it on her blog. (I think)



Lauren Ann said...

cool! I want to see some pictures!

Marissa said...

Awesome!! They should be great!!!! :-)

♥Ellie♥ said...

cool! can't wait to see it!
we got a Wii for christmas too!

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

I had to delete the other comment, because I misspelled something. :( I will probably post those pics tomorrow......... we are going to be SUPER busy today. Not to mention that I am sick! :(

Sarah said...

Steph, the cutest background sight will not let me on it!!!?!?! What is wrong?!? Oh, post the movie ASAP I want to see you and I boxing. Will you e-mail the movie you make, and the other movie (lol) to me whenever you get to it. :)



Lauren Ann said...

okay, brace yourself. I am not going to follow your blog any more. Don't worry, I love it, but I am going to cut off a ton of people. I am terribley sorry.

and again, I am sorry, because this is copy and pasted message written by me.

Lauren Ann

(I will still visit and comment on your blog) Sorry

Sarah said...

Come on Steph, POST THE VIDEO!!!!!!!!! I am dying to SEE IT!!! lol


Stephanie Stanfield said...

I can't yet, it isn't ready!

Sarah said...

When do you think that you will be able to post it!?! I really want to SEE it! :) :P


Marissa said...

Steph if you need more music for the video tell me and I'll send you some more songs.

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