Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Blog Name (finally)

Hey Everyone!
I am finally changing the name of my blog! =)
Thank you all for taking the poll.
The new name is "Livin' in the South".

I noticed that I had more votes than I do followers,
you all can feel free to follow me! =)


P.S. I changed my background again, do ya'll like it?


Sydney said...

Love it!

Sarah said...

Hey Steph!!! I was going to name my blog that!!! :P lol Well I guess I will do the life of a southern girl. I think y'all are coming over to our house tonight. Are you?

Lauren Ann said...

To tell the truth,.....

I love it!

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Aww thanks everyone!

Marissa said...

I LOVE IT!!!! your background is sooooooooo cute!!!! and I love the name!!!!!!

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Sarah, You were going to use that name? That's weird, I have had that name picked out for a long time. (marissa suggested it for me)

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