Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Funniest Thing..

Ok, you just have to watch's SO funny. =)
(My cousin Sarah made it.)
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Megan said...

Ya, I was there when Marissa was watching it! It's SUPER funny!
Then later me, Meredith, Mallory, and Jordan started making ones of us. they are funny!

Sarah said...

I love this movie!! I could not figure out how to get it on Facebook without making a new one.... I might make a new one, so be ready!! =D lol
Oh, and I am not sick yet! lol ;)


Sydney Leigh said...

This movie is soooooo funny! Y'all should do the moves in real life and make a movie of that! lol That would be even more funny.


Rachel M. said...

Happy Birthday, Stephanie!! :D

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