Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Funny Argument

This is Syd and I arguing about something really silly!

This was about 5 - 7 years ago.



Stephanie Stanfield said...

Sorry that is cuts off like that...dad stopped recording....

Marissa said...

lol that was sooooo funny!!!

" I can't I'm busy"
what were you doing???

lol sydney sounds just like she does now =)

that was reallly funny
you should find away to get the video of our talk show on here that would be funny lol :D

Stephanie Stanfield said...

i wasn't busy I was just trying to get out of it.
Yeah I can't do that becuse it is on Sydney's camera and hers doesn't have a cord. I got this off moms.

Marissa said...

that stinks!!!!


Sydney said...

this was actually four years ago

Marissa said...

hahaha so steph has it all wrong =)

so how old were you guys?

Stephanie Stanfield said...

whatever....4 years ago

Marissa said...

so you were like 11????
I met you 4 or 5 years ago

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Yeah this was probably after we met though because I went to your 11th birthday.

Sarah said...

LOL Steph you sound sooooo little!!! Sydney does sound like she does now, but you DO NOT. I like it!!

Marissa said...

ya probably

did you go to some kind of family thingy that year???
I know you went some were. so that probably when this happened

who knows lol :D it's still funny

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