Monday, November 17, 2008

Prairie Party

Here are some pictures from the Prairie Party. =)
Me, Syd, and Rebecca T.
(I wasn't ready when this was taken!)

Syd playing musical chairs.

(That was a lot of fun! =))

We forgot our camera so these are pictures Aunt Deborah took.


Marissa said...

lol only two pictures????
looks like you had fun!!!

Sarah said...

Did Syd copy these pics from my blog, or did my mom send them to her?

Stephanie Stanfield said...

We copied them.

Sarah said...

I need to figure out how to do that!!

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Just right click and click Save Pictures your mom she know how.

Sarah said...

She know how, huh!! lol!!!
I like the kid with food in his mouth in the background!! lol. (the pic of you laughing)
Stephanie, you should know proper grammar!! LOL

Stephanie Stanfield said...

lol that sounds SO FUNNY!
i meant:
Ask your mom she knows how!
thanks for pointing out my error! =)

It gave me a good laugh!

Marissa said...

ya Miss. I-corret-everyone's-grammer


Stephanie Stanfield said...

haha! you are funny Missa!

Sarah said...

You are so welcome!! ( does that phrase bring back a memory!!? LOL )
I will always help you Steph!!! :) lol

Sarah said...

I love your banner thingy!!!!! I need to get Syd to make me one!! :)

Marissa said...

Oh I know I'm very funny =)

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