Monday, November 24, 2008

Little White House

On Saturday Sydney and I got to play at the "Little White House".
Former President Franklin Roosevelt lived and died here.I don't know if this is true but FDR was (supposedly)
in the middle of having his portrait painted when he died.
That is a picture of it and it is called (SURPRISE!)
"The Unfinished Portrait".
This is Jacob "Bunn" Wright. He was Mr. Emit's
(The man who invited us to play there) great uncle.
He was supposedly outside waiting to play for FDR
when he died. (FDR not Jacob Wright).

FDR's Bed

Syd and I thought this was funny.
Old Toilet Paper. =)

FDR's Desk

Jacob "Bunn" Wright's Fiddle, Picture, Shoes, and Hat.

Acting like FDR and Eleanor.
(It was funny talking to them because they were
pretending to REALLY be the FDR and his wife.)

The Stove

The gate. Since FDR couldn't use his legs his car was made so that he could drive it using his hands. This gate was so he could "bump" his car into it to open it.

Notice the heater. It was SO cold and I could hardly
move my fingers while playing. After we had played
a while we took a break and had sandwiches. One of
the guy's there was "toasting" his with the heater.
(Talk about red-neck cooking!)
Testing the microphone


Hope you enjoyed this post!


Sydney said...

Lets remember to wear gloves next time...

Stephanie Stanfield said...

I don't care if it is HOT that day I will go prepared! =)

Marissa said...

lol you can get fingerless gloves that people use when play interments outside :D

the toilet paper was pretty funny. who would save that? lol

you and sydney are soooooooooo pretty!!!!!

looks like you had F-U-N!

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Yeah it was fun! =)
Yeah we are planning on getting those gloves next time! lol

Sarah said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah said...

I know how you and Syd felt. We had a orchestra concert one time, and it was like 35 degrees, and to make it worse, it was at night time!!! None of us had gloves!! lol =)

Sarah said...

How did you get the buttons on your wall?!?!! If you come over, could you help me do that? My favorite one is the one about the car.

Sarah said...

I agree with Marissa, You and sydney look Soooooooooooo Pretty!!!!

Marissa said...


they don't think they are very pretty
but the rest of the world does! lol

Stephanie Stanfield said...

yeah I would be glad to help you!

Ya'll are so nice! And Missa the whole world doesn't think so because the whole world hasn't seen us! lol

Marissa said...

lol well maybe that should!!

alot have people have and if more people saw you theyed say the same thing lol :D

so there I am always right ok ?? lol


Sarah said...

Stephanie needs to look in the mirror!!! lol I think that she just is so nice that she thinks everybody is prettier than her!! lol

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