Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My Last Post In 2008!

Hey Everyone!
As the Title Says, This is my last post in 2008!
I cannot believe it is almost a 2009! It seems like
yesterday when we began this year and now it's
over! (It's kind of sad, don't you think?)
So Many Things Have Happened this year,
but I will only mention a few.
One of the BEST things this year was when my friend
Marissa got to stay with us for 2 weeks! That was so
much fun (especially since we had not seen her in two years).
We went to the Family Conference in Virginia for
the first time in 3 years; I really enjoyed that. I not only
learned a lot but made new friends!
I could mention more things, but it would take too long...
Of course there were difficult things this year
(and there will most likely be more in 2009), but overall
I had a wonderful time and I hope you all did too!
It is kind of scary going into a new year,
and it is sad that this one is ending. Scary because
we have no idea what 2009 will bring and sad because...
well it just is!
(But why dwell on that since I can't change it, right?)
I hope you all have a wonderful New Year!
P.S. Sorry about all of the "*".
For some reason when I posted
all my paragraphs were smashing
together so I used those to fix to
fix that. =(


Marissa said...

Yes that was one of the best parts of my year too! :-)
See what did i tell you? You can do good posts by writing!
I Am planning on calling you 5 minutes before the ball drops, that's 5 til 12 your time and 5 til 11 my time
ok I e-mailed you but i just wanted to make sure you get it, because i think you are offline.........
anyway ttys!

Lauren Ann said...

happy new years!!

Madison said...

Happy New Year Stephanie! I agree, leaving a year is always sad. But 2009 is a fresh new year! And it's always great to start fresh. :)


Bria said...

Happy New Year!
I love your blog!!! Yes it is hard entering into another year as you look back on the mistakes you made. But God gives us strength to go on! P.S. I like the title 'Live out Loud' because Stephen Curtis Chapman(one of my favorites!) wrote a song with that title.

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Hi Bria! Thank you!
Yeah that is actually how I came up with the title.
Hope you come back to my blog!

Lauren Ann said...

I know it (the followers thing) says I just added. It is because I put them all anonymous to see what that did, and them I put it back to public, so now it is how it is now. Sorry!

Lauren Ann

Stephanie Stanfield said...

That is Fine! =)

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