Monday, February 9, 2009

Ice Cream!

Hello Everyone!
We spent the entire day packing, and so Mom and Dad let us break our
diet with some Ice Cream! =) Here are some pics.....(we don't look great
because we had been packing)
I'm on the Left...Syd is on the Right

Oh! Did I mention that it was Organic, Dairy-Free, Lactose-Free, and Gluten-Free Ice Cream? (I am NOT joking! It tasted pretty good though!)



Marissa said...


Looks like fun. love the pictures.
You guys are crazy. lol

miss ya


Marissa said...

OH! And you look so pretty! both of you do!

Stephanie L.S. said...

Thank You Marissa! Miss ya too!
See you in May!

Marissa said...

YA! haha and we need to take way more pictures then we did last time.

Sarah said...

You actually ate icecream!!!!!!! Where did you get it? My throat is sore, and ice cream sounds really good right now.......... maybe I can talk my mom into stopping by dairy queen. :) We really need to come and see y'all's property!

Marissa- you are coming in May? that will be exciting....... except you will have to stay in a 1 bathroom shack! :P lol


Madison said...

Haha! Wow... that is hilarious! And you do not look bad! You two look totally fine!


Marissa said...

lol madison I tell her that all the time, she doesn't listen. =D

Molly said...

Ice cream.....yum....lookes like you had a great time! Were are you moving to?


Stephanie L.S. said...

Sarah, We are going to Iowa, Marissa isn't coming here becuase we are moving.
Madison, Thank You! =)
Molly, it was good - even if it was Organic. We are still going to live in the same state, just 30 minutes away.
Thanks Everyone for commenting! =)

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