Saturday, February 7, 2009

The Simple Woman's Daybook #1

Hello Everyone, Sarah told me I should do one of these so I will...just for her. =)

For today: Feb. 7, 2009
Outside my window: Sunshine
I am thinking about: Food....I want to eat some chips! =)
I am thankful for: Our land closing on Wednesday! (We can move soon!)
I am wearing: Jeans and a blue short-sleeve collared shirt with with flowers on it.
I am reading: A book about the West
I am creating: nothing :P
One of my favorite things: reading
Things I have accomplished: a little bit of packing (not much fun)
A few things planned for the rest of the week: Packing and Church

Sorry, that wasn't interesting.....
I hope to have something soon. =)



Marissa said...

haha I thought the chip thing was funny. Have fun packing. ( ya right )
Moving is just so much fun!!!
( totally JKing about that )

Stephanie L.S. said...

I know! People think it is SO exciting that we are moving...but when it's your 15th or 16th time it's not! lol

Marissa said...

I know!!!! once you have moved 5 times it stinks. Especially as you get older and moving form state to state, good thing your just moving a little ways. =D

Sarah said...

Thanks Steph! I thought that you did a great job! We wanted to see the property today, but you guys had already left! :( Oh, guess what? I had a REALLY, REALLY bad nose bleed today!!!!! I will tell you all about it at church in the morning. It was scary!


Sarah said...

Why are you and Sydney not following each other?


Sydney said...

We are following each other, Sarah =) it is just we have more followers than can show on the main page. I know, there are two spaces left, but those will always happen becuase of the three coloumn template...

Rachel M. said...

Oooo. Chips sound good right now!

God bless, dear sister! :)

Stephanie L.S. said...

Rachel, yeah they do!!

Molly said...

Hmmmm.....chips sound pretty good right now...but I did just have lunch...anyways,great post!



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