Saturday, February 14, 2009

Rainy Day and Pictures

Hello Everyone,
It has been raining off and on all day, so we haven't done anything. =(
I have nothing interesting to post, so here are some pictures of our dogs...

My German Shepherd Kimber

Sydney's Parson Jack Russell Fletcher

Kimber playing dead =)

Sydney with Fletcher on her lap

Isn't he cute? =)


Marissa said...

Awww............ Kimber is sooooooo cute!

Stephanie L.S. said...

Thanks! =)

Marissa said...

How did you get your header like that?

Sarah said...

AAAAAAAAAWWWWWW!!!!!! Kimber is SO cute! Great pics. I like that pic of Sid!


Sarah said...

Did y'all watch all of Christy? what did you think about it? :) The guy that plays Doc. MacNeil also plays in the first National Treasure as one of Ian's sidekicks!


Stephanie L.S. said...

Sarah, Yes we have watched Christy, it's alright. Yes we know. =)
oh, I found Enchanted. =)

Molly said...

he is cute!!!!
I also ;ove German shepards! Their so cool!!!


Sarah said...

OK, I think it is pretty good so far.......... :)


Lauren Ann said...

great picture! come check out 'as one of seven' because I need you to tell me something (you will find out when your there; just read the post)


Sarah said...

I finished Christy......... I AM SO MAD!!!!! THE ENDING WAS JUST AWFUL!!!! I enjoyed the whole movie until the ending! :( :( :( :(

It is really sad when you like a movie and it ends badly. Have you seen The Count of Monte Cristo? It is SO good......... it did have a good ending though :P


Michaela said...

They are sooo cute! We have a dog that is half Beagle and half Jack Russell. Does Fletcher bark alot and jump around? We're trying to figure out which characteristics of our dog belongs to each breed. (We also want to make sure that it's normal and not just us! ;)
On a side note, you can take really great pictures. :D

Lauren Ann said...

Another important post at 'As one of Seven.' Please go an read it.
Lauren Ann

Sarah said...

Thanks for the stuff!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE it! :)


Stephanie L.S. said...

Michaela, Thank you! Fletcher doesn't go around barking and jumping, but a lot of Jack Russells do...and so do Beagles, so I don't know. lol

Sarah, glad you like them!

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