Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Interesting Day

Hello Everyone,
We had quite the adventure today! We took our stuff to the land (since we have to be out tomorrow) and unpacked. Syd and I were setting up a tent - her and I will be sleeping in it for now - and it started to rain before we had the top on! So we threw it on hoping that it was going on correctly, and unfortunately it was upside down. So we fixed it and by then it was pouring. Once we finished the tent, I picked up a hammer and rake and started running to the shed to put them up when I noticed we had rakes/tools all over the place! (Uncle Jess and his family had come over, and the girls helped us rake.) So I had a few more trips to make, and was in such a hurry I somehow brought a thorn bush to the shed with me (lol). By the time we got to the house, Syd and I were soaked and had mud all over our hands and arms.
Then we headed out, Dad and Syd in the Budget truck and Mom and I in our truck. Well, our driveway just happens to be red dirt/clay, and since it rained it was all slippery. Mom and I went first and as we went up the hill, we peeled out. Finally, after Dad reminded Mom that the truck had four-wheel-drive, we made it up. Well, the Budget truck didn't have four-wheel-drive, so Dad kept on peeling out. Mom and I were watching them, and she had the idea of throwing sticks in front of the truck for traction. So, she and I got out in the rain and began throwing sticks in front and Dad and Syd got out to help. The drive was so slippery that both Syd and I almost fell. After a while, Dad got in the truck to test it ... and it worked! On the way home something scratched my arm and I looked down and a thorn branch in my hair...and I couldn't get it out! ( I finally did after working at it for a while.=)
Well, that was our interesting day. I am SO excited that we will be living there starting tomorrow! YAY! =D
(I am sorry if this is a bit choppy, but I am in a hurry)



Madison said...

Oh my word Stephanie! You were setting up a tent in THIS rain? It was pouring today!! Good grief, you must have been soaked to the bone! =P
Hopefully you won't get that wet anymore. =P
I'll see ya later!


Sarah said...

HeHeHe!! I was thinking about y'all on our way home when it started raining lol....... See you tomorrow


Olivia said...

Can you comment on my blog and tell me how to make a code\link thing for my blog?

I do scrapblog but I just can't find out how to make that thing.


Marissa said...

Well that is crazy!!!
And what this about 3 inches in snow there????
pretty weird. Well you need to call me. because I have no way of getting a hold of you.............

Lauren Ann said...

I have only moved once, but that was when I was 3! =)

Stephanie L.S. said...

Madison, yes we did it in the rain!
Sarah, ha! that was nice of you
Olivia, sure!
Lauren, we have moved like 15 times I think.

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