Saturday, March 7, 2009

Award and Pictures

Hello Everyone,
I do not have time to do all my awards right now, so here is one I got from Sarah and Megan. Thanks ya'll!

OK, I award: ALL OF MY FOLLOWERS!!!!! :P :) ( If you do not want to do it you don't have to!)
Also, if you have already been awarded don't worry about this.. (yes Sarah, I copied this off your blog!)

Here are some pictures....I hope to post more soon. Enjoy!
Chicks. Aren't they SO cute?

To hide they all go under their mother!
My dog, Kimber
He wants to kill the chickens, but he knows he not allowed too.
He just stands there while the chickens eat his food! Poor dog!
More pictures coming soon....
P.S. My Grandpa is doing better. Thanks for praying!


Lauren Ann said...

I can already tell you that I would be really scared of you dog.

Marissa said...


And kimber has gotten bigger or something, she looks different. Maybe it's because i haven't seen her in a while. who knows.
Looks like ya'll are havin' alot of fun out there =D

Rachel M. said...

How cute!! Oh I just want to hold it right now! :)

And praise God! that your grandpa is doing much better. Praise Him! :)

Thank you for sharing the pictures, and have a great day, dear sister! :)

In Him Alone,
Rachel M.

Megan's blog said...

fletcher, Kimber, and the chicks are SOOOO cute!!!!!

Marissa said...

You have been awarded, go to my blog to see

Molly said...


Thanks for awarding me!!!


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