Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hawks and Dead Chicks =(

Hello Everyone,
I am so sorry that I haven't been posting! We don't have wireless Internet anymore so we all take turns on the computer and I don't have much time.
When we first moved here a hen hatched 12 chicks and now there are only 5! Sydney's dog managed to kill two - even with his muzzle on! (We have to get rid of him now) =( One of the chicks drowned in the water bowl used for our dogs, and the rest were killed by hawks! Does anyone know how to get rid of them? (It's illegal to shoot them.)

Well that is all for now,


Madison said...

Awwww. =( =( =( That is really sad.
As for ideas... I looked up on Google: "How to keep hawks away from chickens"
Here are a couple of links I found.



Hope that helps. =)


Becca said...

That is pretty hard.
I have chickens but since we don't have a rooster we buy them as chicks which I then raise by hand, some from 1 day old. But I am afraid I can't help you much with keeping the chicks safe since these ones have a mom and are more wild, I have always just kept mine in a run that has a roof when they were not inside and then watch them closely while they were out free to explore, so like I said I can not help much :( I hope you are able to find something though.

Rebecca Marie

Lauren Anne said...

oh, that is to bad. about your question, yeah, not educated in that area!

Rachel M. said...

Oh no! :o I pray you could find out how to keep the hawks away...

Marissa said...

That's sad :'(

Sarah said...

It is illegal to shoot them?!? OH.


Marissa said...

Did you shoot one sarah? lol

Marissa said...

You have been awarded! Go to my blog to see.

Megan's blog said...

I've awarded you go to my blog to see it!

Miss Kate said...

Shoot them... just make sure no body finds out!

Stephanie L.S. said...

Madison, Thank you!
Becca, That's cool. We are going to build a pen for them, they hatched right when we moved here so we didn't have time.
Lauren, yeah, niether am I! haha
Rachel, thanks!
Miss Kate, HAHA! That is what everyone says!

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