Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Hello Everyone,
We have been living on our property since Saturday, and we're enjoying every bit of it!

A hen hatched 12 chicks a few days ago, and I wanted to hold one, but didn't want the mother mad at me. Well, last night I was cooking on the grill and I heard some chirping and looked over and a chick was by itself near our truck (apparently it got separated from its mother). I went over and picked it up and took it to its mother. It was so cute! I hope to post pictures of all the chicks soon.
Also, Susie (a goat) should have her kids soon, and I'll post pictures of them when they're born.



Marissa said...

How exciting!!!!! Sound like ya'll are havin' a great time!!! can't wait til I can see your land.......oh well i can wait i guess =D

Madison said...

Awww!! Cute!! =) I can't wait to see pictures of the kids and the chicks!! =D
I'll see you later!


Sarah said...

CUTE!!!! Y'all need to invite us out when Susie goes into labor! :P


Rachel M. said...

How darling! Chicks are so cute to hold.... :)

Can't wait to see pictures!

God bless, dear sister!

In Him Alone,
Rachel M.

Stephanie L.S. said...

Yes it is exciting! I will post pictures tomorrow.

Lauren Ann said...

exiting!!!!!!!!!!!!! And thanks for joining my contest!

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