Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Some More Pictures

Hello Everyone,
Sorry, I haven't had much time to post so the blog awards are going to have to wait...
Here are some more pictures....I plan to take more soon.
"Lil' Bit" (we didn't name him lol) He is SO mean to the other
goats during meal time. He knocks them all out of his way and
trys to hog the food!
Sydney and I have been sleeping in here....It's pretty fun.
We hear coyote's all night, but I'm not worried about them.
The only thing I don't like is hearing guinea's and chickens
all night...and early in the morning!
Gracie...The Sweetest Dog! She chases away the coyote's...
that is why I am not worried about them!
Isn't she cute?
Well, more coming soon! (I hope)


Marissa said...

Awww....... Gracie is sooooo cute!

I love your "room" =D

( how many time have i said that) lol

Sarah said...

CUTE!!!! I LOVE Gracie!!!

lol I CAN NOT wait to come out this Sat. :)


Megan's blog said...

She is Adorable!

Madison said...

Cool pictures! =)
Aww!! Gracie *is* cute!! =D How adorable!


Sarah said...

Hey Steph, I will try to email you the pics tomorrow....... I am sorry, but I think I am going to post that pic. :P lol


Sarah said...

you have been awarded...... you better catch up!!!! :P


Sarah said...

You better start digging up some pics honey!!!! :P :P


Tia said...

Lol that's awesome, I wish I could sleep in a tent... it's too cold over here.
Freezing in fact haha

Stephanie L.S. said...

Hey Tia,
Thanks for commenting!

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