Monday, December 29, 2008

I Have Been Tagged Again!

I was tagged by Lauren Ann for a New Years Resolution tag. Thank You!
Here are the rules......
Everyone needs to set goals that they wish to accomplish each year.
Name ten of your goals for the upcoming year. Link to the person who tagged you. Then tag seven people and link to them.
Tell the people you tagged that they are tagged!

1. Read My Bible More
2.Do ALL my chores without being told to
3. Write a book (or at least a story) and Keep It!
(I always throw them away)
4. Learn How To Quilt
(I don't know if this will happen but I can't think of anything else!)
5. TRY to calm down my dog
(she learns from experience better than anything though)
6. Memorize At Least One Book Of the Bible
(Starting with Romans)
7. Read more non-fiction books than I did this year
8. Be More Helpful To....Everyone
9. Get Up Earlier
10. All Of The Above
Sorry, Some of those were strange, but
I was having trouble thinking of things to say!
I will now tag:
Hope you enjoyed this post! =)


Madison said...

Hi Stephanie! If you didn't see my reply to your comment: you can definitely follow my blog! :D
I know, I can never come up with New Year resolutions... and usually I don't even follow through, so it wouldn't matter if I did. :P
Anyway, I guess I'll see you at our next chorus practice! Hopefully I can actually meet you in person instead of just over the internet. :P


Marissa said...

I have on you can add,

"not putting my self down" or
"thinking better of my self"

those would be good ones :D

Stephanie Stanfield said...


Marissa said...

lol what well i think that that is a good one because it is lol

Julia said...

Hi Stephanie,

Sure! You can follow my blog! :D

I love the drifting snow animation on your blog...where did you find that?


Marissa said...

You have been tagged again :D go to my blog

Sarah said...

Hey Steph, I have something on the side of my blog that you and Sid will like!! ( it has something to do with the movie The Scarlet Pimpernel) Oh, I got you and your sister y'alls b-day present today!!!! :) tell her happy b-day for me. (Please lol)

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