Friday, December 19, 2008

New Blog Name

Hey Everyone!
I am trying to think of a good name
for my blog. Feel free to give me ideas!


Marissa said...

I got nothin'
I'll try to think later when i'm awake lol

Lauren Ann said...

hey! I don't have any idea's. Please, check out "as one of seven" for an award you recieved.

Lauren Ann

Sarah said...

I have NO ideas either!!!! But, you are VERY creative, so I think you will think of something! I missed you and Sid at the chorus thing!!! James asked where y'all were, so I told him that y'all did not do christmas. (I hope that is OK, but I did not know what else to say. PLEASE do not be mad if you do not like what I said!!! ) I doubt that you will be mad though!!! lol

See You Sunday,


Sarah said...

Sorry, I meant do not do! LOL

Lauren Ann said...

Happy early 15th birthday!

Sydney said...

Hey Steph,

I am tagging you with an award :D Go to my blog for the rules.

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Ok Sarah That is fine.
See you Sunday

Marissa said...

what about....
A christian girl, living in an un-Christian world

that's my only idea

I took me for ever to think of a name for mine!

Marissa said...

oh by the way.
in you picture what is on the paper that you have annnnnd is that the book i got you in you lap??

Stephanie Stanfield said...

lol yes! I was reading your note.
We thought your note to Syd was funny!

Marissa said...

LOL I don't even remember what I said
what did I say. lol
I kind of remember............
So have you read any of the book yet?

Marissa said...

so when are you going to put pictures of your birthday up?

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