Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Have Been Tagged!

I have been tagged by Sarah and Marissa (Thank You!)
to tell 15 things that I am not afraid to admit.
Here it Goes:
1. I Am A Christian
2. When I start a book, I Don't Stop Reading Until It Is Finished
3. I Have A Bad Habit Of Hitting People When I Laugh
(even people I have just met)
4. I Absolutely Love Animals
5. I Cry When I Read A Sad Story
6. I Thought The Saying Was "Pig In" instead of "Pig Out"
7. Sometimes I Sleep With Curlers In My Hair
8. I Have The Cutest Dog In The World (literally)
9. I Would Talk For Hours On The Phone
(I Have When My Parents Let Me)
10. School's Not As Bad As I Used To Think
11. I Don't Like Playing Softball/Baseball Because I am Scared Of The Ball
(That Started After I Got Hit In The Head With It)
12. Pride And Prejudice Is My Favorite Movie
13. I Fall Asleep While Watching Lord Of The Rings
(At Least In The First One)
14. I LOVE Square Dancing
15. I Copied Sarah On #14.
I will now tag:


Sarah said...

OK Steph, I did not know that you are scared of the ball!?!?!? LOL It is not that scary! lol =)

You do not have the cutest dog in the world!!! =P What about MY dog!!?!?! lol

Sarah said...

Oh, and you do hit people when they make you laugh!! that was funny to read, because I had forgotten about that!! LOL :)

Sarah said...

Speaking of curlers, I have them in my hair right now!! lol

See you at church tomorrow,


Lauren Ann said...

Tsk tsk! Falling asleep while watching the best movie in the world! I lve Lord of the Rings!

Marissa said...

Ya sarah steph is scared of the ball and that is part of the reason I don't play any of those thing because i got hit in the head with I ball to many times. lol

Steph, I pretty much knew all of those things about you. haha :D

Stephanie Stanfield said...

Yes Sarah, I am scared of it....I try not to be...
Lauren, I used to love Lord of the Rings, but I watched it too much so now it is very boring.
Marissa, of course you knew...we only talk ALL THE TIME!

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