Thursday, April 9, 2009

Goats Are Not Very Bright

This is a picture of "Dopey". We named him that because it seemed to fit - and we found out that it really does! As you can tell, his head is stuck in the fence. Just recently he has constantly been getting his head stuck and we have to go get it out. Yesterday he got his head stuck so many times and finally screamed himself hoarse. We accidentally left him there for a long time thinking we were hearing a guinea hen!
My next post will be my 50th! YAY!
If have any ideas or questions please tell me!



Marissa said...

Haha, I like the name!!!
Here are some more questions!

How many blogger have you met?

What is you favorite song?


Lauren Ann said...

like the name!!!

Sarah said...

poor Dopey! lol

I know! tell 50 things about yourself! lol I think you should do that!

See ya on Friday!


Madison said...

Hahaha, that name *really* fits that goat. =P Wow... lol That is pretty hilarious!
See ya in a few hours!


Marissa said...

Another question, You favorite Actor/actress

I had another one but I forgot it. sorry.

OH! Your favorite place to live.

and your top 5 favorite things that happened last year.


got to go!

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