Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pictures Of "Bo" and 50th Post Coming Soon

Hello Everyone,
Here are some pictures of Bo! She is a lot cuter now that she is clean.
She is very hyper and runs and jumps, I hope to get a video of her soon.

She is so calm when being held!

(I like this picture because my face is not showing!)

She doesn't hold still very often so it is very hard to get a
good picture of her...this is the best I can do. =/

So Cute!
Also, my 50th post is almost here (finally)! Please give me some ideas
of what to do for it. Also (copying Marissa) if ya'll have any questions
ask them and I'll answer on that post.



Marissa said...

She is sooooooooooo cute!!!
And your face is pretty!

Such a cute baby though!


Marissa said...

Congrats on the 50th! I'm nearing 150. haha.

ok for a question or questions:

Who is you favorite singer/band?

Your favorite thing about living in the country.

How tall are you?

Your favorite Author.

and, Why you started a blog.

Have fun with those *hehe*

ok for ideas', how about, you favorite things in life?
That's just a random idea, if I think of anything else, I'll tell you.



Stephanie L.S. said...


Sarah said...

OH STEPH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look SO nice, and Bo looks SO cute!!


Sarah said...

I have no questions.... sorry, I guess that I am not being to much of a help. lol


Madison said...

Awww!!! She is SO cute!! =D She looks so cuddly!! lol =P
Yeah, ditto Marissa! You have a really pretty face! So don't hide it! =P lol
As for some questions:
Would you rather read a fiction or non-fiction book?
If you could play another instrument, what would it be?

I'll see ya on Friday! =)


Megan's blog said...


You talk funny Marissa, "your have a Pretty face" (I mean it's true but that's a funny way of saying it, LOL)

Marissa, Did you tell stephanie that you are getting your eyes checked on Wednesday (tomorrow)?

♥Olivia Grace♥ said...

Awe bo is adorible! We used to have a donkey named that!

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