Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicks, Dog, and Bo

Hello Everyone,
Another one of our chickens hatched some chicks! There are ten of them and they are so cute and small! We have some eggs in the incubator, they should hatch out at the end of this month.

Bo is still EXTREMELY cute! She got wet during a storm so we brought her on the porch. While Syd was preparing a spot I held her and she laid her head on me!

Yes, this is my dog.....*sigh*
She knows lots of tricks (play dead, roll over, shake, speak, whisper, chase your tail, get a toy, catch it...). Syd had just told her to play dead and she decided to roll over....if only she would play dead like that all the time! (For "play dead" she just lays on her side.)

That's all for now,


Rachel M. said...

What cute little chicks and Bo, too! That is so funny how your dog plays dead. (: How fun! God bless, dear sister

Marissa said...

You have a weird dog, lol =D

The chicks are soooooo cute!
So is bo =D


Lauren Ann said...

great pictures!!!I had a contest on my blog (I assume you know, you sent in a photo) but no one seems to be congratulating the winner of the writing. could you? Thanks!

Lauren Ann

Sarah said...

CUTE!!! I LOVE Kimber! lol She is a crazy dog....


Megan said...

I awarded you on my blog!!

♥Olivia Grace♥ said...

the kid is soooooo cuteee!!!

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