Monday, April 13, 2009

Stormy Weather and Sprained Wrist

Hello Everyone,
On Saturday I was bringing in an armful of clean, dry laundry (we don't have a dryer right now so we hang the clothes on a line) and my dog tripped me and I went arm first into the screen on our door. I now have a huge bruise on my arm and a sprained wrist! I broke the screen when I fell, but my dad fixed it.

It has been raining all morning and we are supposed to have isolated tornadoes and "dangerous" lightning (I thought all lightning was dangerous). Great! =(


P.S. Do ya'll like my new background?


Madison said...

Hey Stephanie!
Aww, that's too bad. =( Dogs are stupid that way... =P our dogs are *always* under foot.
Yeah, I know... I'm not exactly enjoying the storminess. =/ I like the rain though, because our garden was in dire need. =P
I'll see ya Friday!


Rachel M. said...

I love your new background! I pray that your wrist feels better soon!

Marissa said...

Cute background.

That stinks! I'm sprained my wrist before, it's not to much fun. I am going to call you today ok?

Well I hope you don't have to bad of storms there!
It's been raining all morning here too.

Hope your wrist gets better soon! =D


Madison said...

By the way, I love your background! It is really cute. =)


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