Friday, April 10, 2009

50th Post

OK, I just had to post this...although it has nothing to do with my 50th post. Earlier today one of our goats got out and tried to get in by sticking his head in the fence...and got stuck (why are our goats doing this?). Well, another goat walked up and rammed him and ripped his lip open. We rescued him and put him back in the pen. Dopey (read last post) decided to get his head stuck again, so we pulled him out so he wouldn't get rammed too. Trust me, he won't be doing that again:

We taped a stick to his horns! (This is not is better for him!) He was scared at first and ran all over screaming, but he's fine now. We would de-horn him but we may sell him.

OK, now for answering questions:
1. How many of my followers have I met? 9
Rebecca M. (I think I just said hello to her, but that counts!)
Johanna M.
Marissa Madison
Megan Madison
Jordan Madison
Mallory Madison
Sarah S.
Madison (don't know the initial for her last name...)
Stephanie H.

2. What is my favorite song? idea

3. What is my favorite actor/actress? hmmm.....not sure

4. What is my favorite place to live? Nebraska

5. What is my favorite singer? Steven Curtis Chapman

6. How tall am I? I think 5'5" or 6"

7. What is my favorite author? I don't have one....

8. Why did I start a blog? Because it looked fun. =D

9. Would I rather read fiction or non-fiction? Probably fiction...but I read more non-fiction that I used to.

10. If I could play another instrument, what would it be? The flute

Here are some pictures I took this morning:

Thanks Madison and Marissa for you questions!
That's all for now!


Sarah said...

LOL!!!!!!!! I saw the first pic, but not the second! That is a very good idea........ Poor Dopey! PLEASE do not get rid of him!!!! I think he is cute.
How is Bo?


Marissa said...

Haha! Funny pictures of Dopey!

Cool answers,

and REALLY awesome pictures of the sky and tree!!



Madison said...

Haha!! Your goats seem really... not exactly geniuses. =P lol
Good grief!! Everyone's middle name is my first name! I didn't know "Madison" was such a popular middle name... lol
I'm the same way... I love fiction! I actually hardly read any non-fiction. Ooh, and I love the flute! It is really cool.
See ya soon!


Molly said...

The pictures are beautiful!!!!!!


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