Saturday, June 27, 2009

Leaving for Home and Ending Up Where We Started

We left for Georgia early this morning hoping to get home around 6:00p.m. Well, we were only on the road for an hour when our car overheated and started smoking. It was still dark out and there wasn't a gas station in sight so we had to park on the shoulder and let our car cool. Thirty minutes later we started again only to have to same thing happen! We pulled into a grocery store (which just happened to be closed) and walked to a gas station to get coolant (?). Well, that only worked for a few minutes so we ended up being towed to a car shop and having the car worked on. After two hours of waiting in the lobby we were told our car was ready. So we got in and again headed for Georgia only to have our car overheat after going only two miles! We got it back to the shop and went back into the lobby. We waited and waited and waited...Finally Mom went to see what was going on and everyone had left for lunch and didn't tell us! They just let us sit there thinking someone was working on our car the whole time!
Anyway, our aunt came and picked us up and we went to AutoZone and a lady there worked on our car and we thought she fixed it. We followed our aunt for ten miles and guess what? we overheated again! So we got towed again - this time all the way to my aunts house. *sigh*
We won't be leaving until Tuesday now -IF our car is fixed Monday.
And to make things even worse I haven't been able to talk all day! Actually, I can whisper but Syd laughs every time so yeah.... I am mute! And it is very frustrating!!!!!!!!!!
Well, that was our stressing day!

I will edit this post someday....I don't have the time or energy to do it now.


Madison said...

Wow!! That is *definitely* "one of those days." Ugh. Sounds awful! If it makes you feel any better, I've had days like that too. =P I hope y'all can leave sooner, and I hope you get your voice back soon! =)


veronica elise said...

Sounds extremely frustrating, but it doesn' sound like it can get an worse. At least I hope not. Hope you get better, too.

Macy said...

Oh my goodness...
Tehee, sounds like something you'll be able to laugh about later... if you're looking for a bright side! I've never HEARD of so much car trouble in one day! That's just crazy... What happened to your voice?

Ashley said...

I am actually in the play. I am a nun and a puppet dancer. yes we get to sing mAria, Climb Every Mountain, Morning hymn, etc. I love it.
I am sorry about all that trouble, gosh that stinks. But as a side not, I am sure the Lord had something in mind, He always does. He could have saved you from a fatal accident, or whatever. I know that it is hard to look at it that way when it is happening to you, but I know that I like to be reminded.
God Bless You!

Stephanie L.S. said...

Thanks everyone for the encouragement! We all have been laughing about it!
My voice is coming back...only it sounds worse while coming back!

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