Monday, June 29, 2009

What Is Going On?

Mom took our car into a shop this morning and it ends up the head gasket (I think that is what they called it) is messed up (cracked or something). In other words, we are stuck in Iowa and are trying to figure out what to do. I guess the real thing we are trying to decide is if we want to get it fixed or just buy a new car that will get us back home. *sigh* We all want to get home!
I really want to get home because my dog is losing tons of weight because she won't eat or drink. Dad took her to the vet and he didn't find anything wrong with her. (I do want to go home because I miss Dad too. lol)

My voice is a little better today and kind of worse! I can talk more but it is very high pitched and sounds ridiculous so I don't know if that is better or worse...

Here's video of my cousin Sam riding Justina's horse. It's funny because he falls off after getting smashed into a fence!

That's all for now!


Marissa said...

That's crazy! I'm sorry your car is broke!!! Hope you get to go home soon!!

The video was pretty great =)

miss you!


Madison said...

Aww! =( I hope y'all can get home soon!!
That video was funny. =P Looks like something I would do. lol


Ashley said...

I will pray for you. That is awful. Do you know anybody that you could visit while you are there? lol.
Where are you in Ohio? Amish Country is Amazing! Oh goodness, but you can't go there when your car is broke. he, he!! I am losing my mind.
I will definitely pray for you a lot.

Lauren Ann said...

funny!!!!!!! i have never been on a horse... i told this to Sydney, but do you want to enter my photography contest. as it is now i only have 3 enters.

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