Monday, June 15, 2009

Some MORE Pictures!

Howdy Everyone!
Here are some more pictures of filming, recording, and getting our hair done. Enjoy!

Playing in a Wheat Field.

(I am wearing my favorite shirt!)

My sister

It is so pretty out there!

Walking while playing

We were smiling at another camera

Playing by/in Daisy's

Getting our hair done

It took a long time!

Finished Product!

Interesting picture....but it shows you the side of the hair
From the front

Filming night shots by fire

See all the ashes on my violin and hair?


Syd again


Playing by fire

This was before the fire was started

In the studio

Tomorrow morning we are going to Nebraska (I haven't been there is 6 1/2 years!)! I can't wait! I will have even more pictures to post.
That's all for now!


Elizabeth J. said...

Hi there! I arrived from Sarah Elizabeth's blog. You play fiddle/violin? That is my favorite instrument, I happen to play it as well. I loved all the pictures-I'll be stopping back again. Feel welcome to drop by my blog.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I Love, love, love those shirts! They are soooooo cute. BTW what kind of movie are you filming?

Madison said...

Awesome pictures, Stephanie! =D It looks like y'all are having a lot of fun! I love the way they did your hair! Oh, and I love those pictures of y'all in the field. =)


Lauren Ann said...

love the hair! to answer your question...i use NIV translation.

McKenzie Elizabeth said...

Very pretty pictures! Looks like you are having lots of fun!

McKenzie Elizabeth

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