Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our Vacation (so far)

Hello Everyone,
Here's our vacation so far...it is mostly me and Marissa because Syd will be posting the pictures of her soon. Also, Syd and I are making a CD and music video and there are pictures from that. Enjoy!

Me, Marissa, and Sydney right before boat ride on the Mississippi

I look crazy...oh well

It was so good seeing Marissa again!

All of us again!

I was video-taping...

I love this picture!

We rode in the front and it was SO fun! I looked at Marissa and said, "I wish we would get sprayed!" and a second later we were showered! It was so funny! By the end of the ride we looked like we had gone swimming.

These are pictures of/in the studio. We (Sydney and I) are recording a CD and making a music video.

The outside of the studio looks like a cabin! So cute!

Tuning! This was our first day and Marissa was still with us.

I was so nervous at first, but it's not so bad now. =)

Here are some pictures from the music video. We have a long way to go because we just started filming today. It is so hard not to burst out laughing when he puts the camera right in my face!

More coming soon!

BTW: To got my hair cut, you like it?


Rachel M. said...

I loved seeing the pictures, Stephanie! Your haircut looks really cute. (:

That is so neat that you and Sydney are making a music video and cd! :D

Love in Him,
Rachel M.

Jo-snazz said...

That will be so cool! I can't wait to hear the music. :)


Johanna said...

Good luck! I am so excited for both of you! I hope all goes well, the pictures look great!
With love,

Marissa said...

Cool!!! I like where you guys are doing the video scenes they are prefect =)

lol. That one when we are laughing is hilarious! What in the world where we laughing about?

Send me pictures soon!!!


Megan said...

You hair cut is SO cute!

I was like WOW when I saw you because I did know you guys were coming down to camp for a little while!!!!


Stephanie L.S. said...

haha! Your face did show suprise! lol It was great seeing you!

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