Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hello Everyone,
We just got back from Nebraska. Here are some pictures....they are not in any order.

My cousin Justina, Me, and Justina's friend Susan
(This was taken right after we got there.)

Justina and I

We were on our way to the fair grounds where we were going to perform and watch the Wild Horse Ministries ( work with a horse. We were only performing there because it was our uncle who set it up and he and all his family were performing and he asked us to too. (I have no idea how to word that so that's good enough!)

This was taken on our way home (I told you they are not in order).
We had to drive through a bad storm.

At one point we had to pull over and wait out the storm.

We have videos that I will post soon. (It looked a lot worse in real life.)

Our cousin B.J. taking a picture of Syd taking a picture of him

Syd got pictures of the boys right after they woke up! I'll be dead if they ever see these.
This is B.J.


Unfortunately, Sam looked normal.

This is Windy their miniature pony. She liked my coffee cup.

I don't think she liked the coffee!

Me and Justina

I only like this picture because I look taller than her!

Justina's horse Bandit. I rode him a lot, but we don't have any pictures of that...just videos.

Our cousin Rosie just after she woke up. She is so cute!

I only uploaded this picture because I thought it was Justina, but I realized it is me because of my ring.

Part of my uncle's farm

Syd riding Bandit

Justina riding her horse


She was 'strangling' him while saying she loved him. lol

B.J. again (I didn't know we had so many pictures of him)

Aaron....he loves his guitar.

B.J. again! He looks like Jerry Lewis here.

Our cousin Susanna

Syd and Justina being weird

My friend Elizabeth (top left) and her family


Another cousin (not a sibling to the others)

Justina again

Aaron looks like he was the only one ready for this picture. I think we have one that is better but I am too lazy to upload it.

Elizabeth, Andres, Rosie, and Me

Andrew (yes, he's a cousin)


and another picture of B.J.

Syd, Elizabeth, Me, Rosie, Andrew, and Susanna

Syd, Susanna, and Sam

The boys practicing for the Wild Horse Ministries thing.

Andrew, Rosie, and Susanna practicing

Susanna and her friend

The boys practicing again

B.J. looking like Jerry Lewis again

Austin (he played his harmonica with his nose)
I will post videos soon.


Madison said...

I like the pictures, Stephanie! =)


Shutterfli said...

Looks like ya'all had FUN!

Sarah said...

WOW!! Y'all had fun! I miss Y'all!!!!!! Justina is very pretty! Y'all all looked really nice! What was up with the guys in the wierd outfits!! If you can email me!


Sarah said...

oops I spelled weird wrong!! lol


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